Elisabeth Frank-Großebner

Conference Interpreter (A.I.I.C.) – Qualified Translator

Court interpreter for English – Language Instructor in Adult Education

English – French - Hungarian – Italian

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Florianigasse 54/20 - 1080 Vienna, Austria

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Bugstrasse 7 - 1140 Vienna, Austria

Phone/FAX: 979 34 39

E-mail: office@fastword.at

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Mag. Frank-Großebner


The company was formed in 1996 and is based on the long-standing professional experience of a university-trained conference interpreter and translator. For more background information please refer to the following page. This page will provide an overview of our services:


  • You need a document translated by a court translator (an official or certified translation)?
  • You want the documentation of a workshop or conference to be translated and prepared for reproduction or publication?
  • You need interpretation for a business presentation, negotiations, a lecture or press conference?
  • You need a local partner to supply your multi-lingual international conference in Austria with conference technology and interpretation?
  • You want to improve the language skills of your staff?

There is a tailor-made solution to every linguistic problem. No matter what it is - as a university-trained interpreter and translator, I am familiar with all the many faces of translating and interpreting, and I am supported by a network of highly skilled professionals. Let us find the right solution for you.

All jobs great and small. No matter if you need one page translated as a matter of urgency or someone to co-ordinate a major job: We'll be glad to help.

Brush up your language skills. No matter which industry you work in - there is always a way to tailor language tuition to your business's needs – study useful vocabulary and situations efficiently, in small groups or one-on-one, at your office or ours.

It'll be worth the price. No matter what you may have heard about high prices, competitive prices, cut-throat prices etc., we are sure that good quality at a reasonable price is what you are looking for. On one of the following pages you will find a list of rates for your orientation but please do not forget that our quotes will be tailor-made, too – for all languages, from A to Z.

Elisabeth Frank-Grossebner

About A to Z Language Services


This page contains a presentation of what the company is about, to give you an idea of who I am and what I do, and to provide an insight into the world of translation and interpretation.

About myself: a native of Vienna, Austria, I graduated from secondary school with honours in 1977 and enrolled at the Department of Translation and Interpreting of Vienna University the same year. After having studied 9 years of English and 4 years of French at school, I decided to start studying my C language, Hungarian, from scratch. I graduated from university in 1982 and started working as a translator, interpreter and language instructor, with German (the language I grew up with) obviously being my A language, with English as a B language (the language from which and into which I translate and interpret) and two C languages, Hungarian and French, as I had continued studying and practising the latter (the C languages are the languages from which I translate and interpret into A and B). Italian as a C language was added to the list later on.

I worked as a staff translator and interpreter for the Federal Press Service, a governmental agency at the Federal Chancellery, and the Interpol unit at the Ministry of the Interior (in the UK, Interpol is a unit of the Home Office, in the United States it forms part of the Ministry of Justice). My experience as an interpreter included official visits at ministerial level (London, Brussels, Stockholm). To complement my experiences as a staff translator, I also worked as a translator and interpreter in other fields, especially art and culture, "to keep me from becoming bored with legal and governmental terminology". My free-lance experience includes work for the media (live interpretation on Austrian TV, both simultaneous and consecutive), various ministries and international conference organisers. I have also continued working as a language instructor, occasionally doing specialised classes, e.g. for CID officers and engineers.

A little more personal note: I am married and have a young daughter. When she was born I decided to resign from my position as a civil servant and start a business of my own to have more flexible working hours.

About Fastword - A to Z Language Services:

We offer professional services which we either provide ourselves or by tapping the reservoirs of the four professional associations which I am a member of – AIIC (the International Association of Conference Interpreters, known for specially high professional standards), UNIVERSITAS (the Austrian Association of Translators and Interpreters), ÖVDG (the Austrian Association of Court Interpreters) and Übersetzergemeinschaft (the Austrian Association of Literary Translators). As I said earlier: we will be happy to attend to your needs and find a tailor-made solution.








Minimum charge:

EUR 45.00

Simple texts:

EUR 15.00 per 100 words of target text

Technical texts:

EUR 18.00 to 24.00 per 100 words of target text

Express surcharge:

minimum 30 %

Editing / proof-reading:

EUR 70.00 per hour

Certification fee surcharge (for certified translations):

EUR 20.00 per document

Please send the text you need translated for a flat-rate quote.



EUR 680.00 to EUR 750.00 per day


EUR 120.00 per hour


EUR 150.00 per hour

The number of interpreters required depends on the number of languages spoken at a conference. Please let us have a tentative programme, the expected number of participants or other pertinent details about your event for a tailor-made quote including conference technology, if required.


Language tuition:

One-on-one tuition (general):

EUR 70.00 per hour

One-on-one tuition (technical vocabulary):

EUR 85.00 per hour

Small group (max. of 6 participants):

EUR 100.00 to 130.00 per hour

Total immersion workshop:

EUR 500.00 to 650.00 per day

An hour of tuition is defined as 50 minutes. Worksheets will be supplied. No extra costs for room rental will be incurred for courses at the head office of A to Z Language Services or on the client's premises.

All fees quoted above are exclusive of 20% Austrian VAT. Please call and inquire for any language-related service you do not find listed here.


Translations – Interpretation and Conference Organisation – Language Tuition


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